Adventure Time Forum

The Leading Journal of Adventure Time Research, Commentary, and Analysis

Tim Hwang and Darby Smith, Editors

Volume One - Winter 2014


Jonathan Bradley - Princess Politics

Power and Prosperity in Post-Apocalyptic Ooo


Andrew Crocker and Parker Higgins - "Dog Liver Times 51!"

On Being the Jake Size


Haley Flannery - Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?

The Role of Parent-Child Relationships in Adventure Time


Carly Kocurek - The Consoling Console

BMO and the Domestication of Robots


John Shutt and Thomas Shutt - Music, Magic, and Memory

Some Observations Regarding Simon Petrikov


Heather Smith - Adventure Time and Apocalypse Literature

On the End of the World


Eric Thurm - Maturity in Adventure Time

Jake The Dog, New Jersey, and Season Six